Vimasco Mastics and Coatings

  • 713 Lagging Adhesive

    713 Lagging Adhesive has a full bodied consistency which minimizes sagging and dripping during application and has excellent brushability.

  • 714 Lagging Adhesive

    714 Lagging Adhesive is a high-quality, fire-resistant lagging adhesive and coating to be used over moderate temperature insulation systems.

  • 727 Laminating Adhesive

    727 Laminating Adhesive is a water-based, fire-retardant latex adhesive designed for laminating facings to insulation board by roller or spray.

  • 739 BrushSeal Water Based Elastomeric

    739 BrushSeal Water Based Elastomeric is most suited for insulated systems which are operating below ambient temperature but not below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • 749 Vapor-Blok Water Based Elastomeric

    749 Vapor-Blok Water Based Elastomeric is a premium quality water-based vapor-barrier coating which effectively prevents water vapor from passing through it.

  • 760 High Duct Temperature Adhesive

    760 High Duct Temperature Adhesive is a sodium silicate based fibrous adhesive which is easily applied by brush or trowel that maintains maximum adhesion and rigidity in relatively high temperature applications up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit when dry.

  • 795 Duct Liner Adhesive

    795 Duct Liner Adhesive is a water-based latex insulation adhesive for bonding all types of insulation materials that does not present the toxicity and flammability hazards associated with solvent-based adhesives.

  • MAR-T126 EPA Registered Anti Mold Coating

    MAR-T126 EPA Registered Anti Mold Coating is a high solids, low viscosity copolymer composition that prevents the growth of mold on its cured surface.

  • Protectokote High Performance Coating

    Protectokote High Performance Coating is a multi-purpose high-performance acrylic coating specifically formulated for use over marine insulation systems, but it is also suitable for use over many different types of insulation and other surfaces.

  • Thick-Kote Vinyl Mastic Coating

    Thick-Kote Vinyl Mastic Coating is a heavy-bodied, water-based, general-purpose mastic, for use over all types of thermal insulation.

  • WC-1 Polyvinyl Acetate Coating

    WC-1 Polyvinyl Acetate Coating may be successfully used on masonry surfaces and primed steel when a water-based coating is desired offering durability, weather protection, chemical and oil resistance, and beauty.

  • WC-1 Type C

    WC-1 Type C is used to retard condensation on the surface of piping, tanks, or other equipment which operates at a temperature below the dew point of the ambient air.

  • WC-5 Vinyl Acrylic Coating

    WC-5 Vinyl Acrylic Coating can  be applied as a protective coating over masonry surfaces and a variety of other substrates.

  • WC-7 Type C

    WC-7 Type C is a cork-filled mastic which retards unwanted moisture condensation on moderately cold surfaces. It is specially formulated for a high degree of cost effectiveness and ease of application.

  • WC-7 Vinyl Acrylic Coating

    WC-7 Vinyl Acrylic Coating is a breathing type mastic and is formulated to provide maximum weather protection at an economical price.

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