Removable Blanket Fabrication

GLT Products carries a vast inventory of products and accessories that are used to secure the insulation in place during the removable blanket fabrication process. From insulating foils, lacing anchors, washers, high temperature sewing threads to GLT tempmat. Please review our complete list of products below.

  • Tempmat (GLT Mat)

    A mechanically bonded glass fiber insulating blanket of uniform density that provides reliable, superior performance at temperatures up to 1,200° F.

  • Quilting Cup Head Pins

    Cupped Head Insulation Pins simplify the permanent installation of "Duct Liner" or other insulation materials to duct work or to other heating, ventilating or air conditioning sheet metal configurations and housings.

  • Lacing Anchor- Round Base

    The Lacing anchor is a key accessory used in the fabrication of lacing blankets or removable blankets. They are essentially large nails with hooked heads consisting of a pin and a tabbed, or hooked washer.

  • 2-Hole Lacing Washer

    2-hole lacing washers are accessories items used in the fabrication of removable/re-usable insulation covers and blankets. 

  • 2-Hole Lacing Washer with Hook

    2-Hole Lacing Washer with Hook is used in construction of removable/re-usable insulation covers. Hook allows for tying and securing covers.

  • Hook and Loop

    Hook and Loop fasteners most commonly used to secure insulation covers in place. Hook and Loop fasteners come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be used for most fastening applications.

  • Self-Locking Washers: Round - Beveled

    Self-Locking Round Beveled Washers are used in conjunction with weld pins, insulation anchors and lacing anchors to fasten insulation in place.

  • Stainless Steel Galvanized Hog Ring Pliers

    Manual “C"-Ring fastener tools for the fabrication of removable covers and insulation blankets. Manual collated ring pliers use ring 616 series fasteners.

  • Stainless Steeel Galvanized, "D" Ring

    GLT Products offers bright, stainless steel welded 22mm "D" rings. 

  • Webbing

    This general purpose webbing can be used for fastening of removable insulation blankets, as cinch straps, and for many more applications.  They are not recommended for outdoor use and are sold in full rolls only. Available in Nylon or polypropylene.

  • High Temperature Sewing Threads

    High Temperature Sewing Threads are specifically designed to replace various types of synthetic and asbestos sewing threads. These threads are coated with lubricants to improve handling characteristics.

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