Blanket Fabrication Rope and Draw Cords

The ability to quickly secure or remove insulation blankets, pipe wrapping, flange covers, etc. is essential for the successful operation of mechanical piping systems.  GLT Products offers a wide range of cords and straps for the construction of insulation removables.

  • Braid TFDC-1875 Teflon Draw Cord

    Braid TFDC-1875 Teflon Draw Cord for securing and removing safety spray shields and for insulated flange or valve covers.

  • Braided KEVLAR® Draw Cords

    Braided KEVLAR® Draw Cords have many applications included draw cords for removable spray shields, insulated flange or valve covers, flu-gas filter bags and strength under load. 

  • Stainless Steel Mesh Wire Rope

    Stainless steel mesh wire rope  is excellent for tying and securing metal jacketing in mechanical piping applications. It can also be used for gasketing, sealing, expansion and contraction applications.

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