Miscellaneous Products

  • Braided Nylon Rope

    This 1/8-inch by 1500-foot solid braid nylon rope reel is the strongest synthetic fiber in general use. Nylon is the strongest of all ropes, and when stretched, has a “memory” for returning to its original length. It has excellent shock absorbing elasticity. 

  • Closure Strips

    Closure stripes are gray urethane foam strips with or without adhesive backing. This material is a flexible, open cellular foamed plastic used for filling unusual gapping situations.

  • Corner Bead Tape

    Corner Bead Tape is a combination of metal and paper wallboard and is used in conjunction with a joint compound to conceal inside and outside corners of ductwork insulation.

  • Elastic Cord

    Elastic shock cord manufactured with a multi-strand rubber core - long life and consistent stretch. Material stretch factor is 100 to 125% under full load. The jacket, or cover, can be made from nylon, multi-filament polypropylene, polyester, or cotton fibers.

  • Hook and Loop

    Hook and Loop fasteners most commonly used to secure insulation covers in place. Hook and Loop fasteners come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be used for most fastening applications.

  • Inspection Plug

    Standard Inspection Plugs are designed to assist in Non Destructive Testing (NDT) programs on insulated and non-insulated pipe and vessels. These plugs are designed to withstand temperatures up to 500º F and are available in both Aluminum and Stainless Steel versions.

  • Insulation Cement

    Different types of heat tracing products are available for various applications, from freeze protection to process temperature maintenance. Depending on your temperature needs GLT Products stocks a number of products to assist you in your insulation projects.

  • Insulator's Wooden Skewers

    Insulator's Wooden Skewers are Ideal for holding mechanical insulation in place during installation or fabrication. These wooden skewers are available in 4.5" and 10" in length and are 1,000 per box with a diameter of 1/8" wide.

  • PVC Corrugated Sheets

    For covering large tanks the corrugations add vertical integrity for easy installation, allow for expansion and contraction and make for an impressive appearance.

  • Suitcase Latches

    Suitcase latches sold in pairs. Each pair contains one strike and one catch. They are most commonly used to latch down insulated pump box covers.

  • Webbing

    This general purpose webbing can be used for fastening of removable insulation blankets, as cinch straps, and for many more applications.  They are not recommended for outdoor use and are sold in full rolls only. Available in Nylon or polypropylene.

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