Childers Mastics and Coatings

A full line of quality and value-oriented mastics and coatings from Childers are offered for the thermal insulation and HVAC markets. These products are developed to meet current and future installer's needs.

  • CP-10 (Trowel Grade), CP-11 (Spray/Brush) VI-CRYL® Weather Barrier Coatings

    CP-10 (Trowel Grade), CP-11 (Spray/Brush) Vi-Cryl® Coatings is a tough, durable, and fire-resistive water based mastic for most types of thermal insulation and finishing and insulating cements.

  • Fosters CP-22 Vapor Barrier Coating

    CP-22/24 Chil-Pruf™ Coating is an effective asphalt based cutback fibrated vapor barrier coating for use over insulations on piping and equipment operating at low to moderately high temperatures.

  • CP-25 CHIL-BRATE™ Weather Barrier Coating

    CP-25 Chil-Brate™ Coating is a water based fire retardant fibrated asphalt emulsion weather barrier coating.

  • CP-30 CHIL-PERM® Low Odor Vapor Barrier Coating

    CP-30 LO Child-Perm® Coating is an extremely effective vapor barrier coating for all low temperature applications.

  • CP-34 Vapor Retarder Coating

    CP-34 Vapor Retarder Coating s a water based vapor retarder coating for use over many types of thermal insulation including polystyrene foam.

  • CP-35 Vapor Retardant Coating

    CP-35 Chil-Perm® WB Coating is an effective, high performance, water based, vapor retarder coating designed for all interior and exterior, low temperature and some dual temperature applications.  

  • CP-09 AK-CRYL® Weather Barrier Coating

    CP-9 Ak-Cryl® Coating is an economical, polymeric, water based weather barrier, breather type mastic.

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