TPSX-12 Calcium Silicate

TPSX-12 Calcium Silicate is a water-resistant insulation manufactured for high temperature industrial and manufacturing applications and engineered to protect industrial piping and equipment operating continuously at temperatures up to 1200ºF.  It is excellent at inhibiting corrosion under insulation (CUI). Available in 3 Ft lengths and available in a wide assortment of IPS pipe sizes and configurations.

Meets the following Specification:

  • ASTM C533, Type 1
  • ASTM C302/C303
  • ASTM C165
  • ASTM C203
  • ASTM C356
  • ASTM C447
  • ASTM C421
  • ASTM C1617
  • ASTM E136
  • ASTM E84

TPSX-12™ Calcium Silicate offers the highest compressive strength of any industrial insulation on the market. Contact your GLT Products Sales rep for more information or to discuss your next insulation project.



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