Polyisocyanurate Fabricated Pipe Insulation

Polyisocyanurate Fabricated Pipe Insulation offers a greater dimensional stability over a wider service temperature range than polyurethane foam. Polyisocyanurate (polyiso) foam is a 2.0lb/ft³ (32kg/m³), rigid, unfaced, closed-cell polyisocyanurate foam supplied as shapes, blocks and custom fabricated parts for use as thermal insulation. GLT Products manufactures and fabricated Polyisocyanurate pipe insulation to customer based specs. Fabricated Polyisocyanurate insulation has an effective temperature range of -297ºF to 300ºF.

- Fittings
- Equipment and tanks 
- Ducts operating at below ambient temperatures
- liquefied natural gas lines 
- Commercial and Industrial Piping
- Direct-buried steam or condensate distribution piping systems 

Product Advantages
- High temperature limits as the material will change its shape in elevated temperature within the recommended use limit
- Low thermal conductivity
- Moisture resistance for both liqud and water vapor
- Slightly more efficient insulator than extruded polystyrene
- Temperature range of -295ºF to 300ºF

 Fitting Types:

  • 90o Elbows
  • 45o Elbows
  • Tees
  • Pipe Covering
  • Segmented

Compliant with ASTM Method D1622, C518, D1621, C273, D1623, D2856, C272, E96, D2126, E84, C450, C585-90 (2004)

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