PittWRAP CW Plus Jacketing

PITTWRAP® CW PLUS jacketing is a 50 mil thick self-sealing, modified bituminous membrane for protecting underground FOAMGLAS® insulation systems on chilled water and hot service pipelines. Manual pressure seals the jacketing without the use of a torch or heater. PITTWRAP® CW PLUS jacketing may also be factory-applied on the insulation.

PITTWRAP® CW PLUS jacketing consists of a polymer modified bituminous compound reinforced with a glass fabric and a 1 mil aluminum top film and release paper backing.


  • Color: Silver
  • Thickness, mils: 50 (1.27 mm)
  • Weight/ft², lbs, (kg/m²): 0.32 (1.56)
  • Width, inches, (cm): 23.5/35.5 (59.7/90.2)
  • Roll Length, ft, (m): 75 (22.86)
  • Sq.Ft/Roll, (m²) 147/222 (13.6/20.6)
  • Roll Weight, lbs, (kg): 47/71 (21.3/32.2)

The roll is 4" x 75 feet long. Sold in a case of 4 rolls.


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