Pipe Insulation Saddles

Pipe Insulation Saddles are a 180 degree rounded piece of galvanized coated steel used to protect piping insulation from compressing at pipe hanger locations. We recommend that wood blocks be used along with the saddle to guarantee the proper support.

Product Features:

  • Galvanized Finish for superior rust proof protection 
  • Individually Marked with insulation outside diameter to ensure proper fit 
  • Easy Installation, no ribs or flares to get hung up on hangers 
  • No Gaps, flush to the pipe insulation to prevent mold and mildew  
  • Individually inspected to maintain quality


  • GLT Saddles are made for use on plumbing and HVAC mechanical piping systems with temperatures ranging from -120°F to +500°F
  • Ideal for use on medium and low compressive strength pipe insulations and insulations which have a vapor barrier which is either field or factory applied
  • Insulations: rubber, polyethylene, fiber-glass, urethane, Styrofoam and calcium silicate.


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