Z-lock Metal Jacketing

Z-Lock is a factory-fabricated metal jacketing system used throughout the thermal and mechanical insulation industry. Z-lock metal jacketing is available in 36” lengths. It features a modified Pittsburgh Z-Lock on the longitudinal seam. Additionally, a moisture retarder is laminated to the inside of the jacketing.

Z-Lock metal jacketing is easy to install and can be easily removed for repairs or inspection of pipe insulation. It requires no special cutting tools, rollers or lock-formers. The jacketing is very durable and will withstand mechanical abuse. GLT Products Z-lock Jacketing is made to order. Please consult your sales rep.

Aluminum thicknesses available:
• .010, .016, .020, .024 Aluminum

Stainless Steel thicknesses available
• .010, .016, .020 and .024 stainless steel 

Finishes available
• Smooth and stucco. 


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