Silicone/Fiberglass Cloth – Style 775

Silicone/Fiberglass Cloth - style 775 is Impregnated with a specially formulated silicone rubber designed to meet the rigid requirements for use in nuclear reactors. This special high-temperature, flame retardant silicone rubber provides greater life and improved resistance to abrasion, flexing, tear, and puncture. This product is designed specifically for high temperatures (500°F).

• Aluminum color
• Water and oil resistant
• Acid and alkali resistant
• Flame retardant
• Low smoke
• Can be easily sewn
• Can be adhesive bonded or sealed

• Removable insulation pad covering
• Flange and valve covers
• Welding curtains and splash shields
• Safety clothing
• Equipment covers
• Flexible connectors (expansion joints)


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