795 Duct Liner Adhesive

795 is a water-based latex insulation adhesive for bonding all types of insulation materials. It is off-white in the wet state and has the odor of a mild latex paint; it dries to a light tan film which securely bonds lightweight thermal insulation.

Because 795 is a water-based adhesive, it does not present the toxicity and flammability hazards associated with solvent based adhesives.

When 795 is used on rigid foam insulation, it should be applied to both surfaces and allowed to dry for a few minutes before bringing the two surfaces together. When used on galvanized or sheet steel, these surfaces should be given a prime coat with a primer approved by Vimasco prior to the use of the 795 adhesive.

795 may be applied by brush, roller or spray.

795 must be protected from freezing during storage. Until thoroughly cured it must be protected from precipitation, freezing, oil, grease, and foot traffic.


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