760 High Duct Temperature Adhesive

760 is a sodium silicate based fibrous adhesive which is easily applied by brush or trowel (application method should be specified when ordering). Once dry, it maintains maximum adhesion and rigidity in relatively high temperature applications up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

760 is most frequently used to bond dense, medium weight insulation materials such as calcium silicate and mineral wool, particularly where high temperatures will be present. It is recommended that a test application be done on any fibrous type of insulation if it contains a binder which might be adversely affected by the high pH of this adhesive.

For best results, both surfaces of insulation should be coated with 760 and allowed to stand open for a minimum of two minutes but not more than ten minutes prior to joining.


In the dry state it is soluble in water and therefore should be suitably protected if used in an application where exposure to water will occur.

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